Tuesday, June 30, 2009

One of the most astonishing characteristics about eagles is the molting process they go through. About mid-life eagles experience this unusual chemical change in their bodies, and the time of molting begins. The eagle will seek out a secluded place and sit for hours and days there with her head down. One by one she starts to lose her feathers. Her talons become brittle .She loses weight and can no longer soar. All of her strength is gone. She becomes a depressed bird.
What’s amazing is her fellow eagles sense that something is wrong. They begin flying around her and actually drop food to her.
When the forlorn eagle starts to eat, she gets stronger. Gradually her feathers grow and eventually she is able to fly and soar again. Her strength is renewed.
Boy that sounds like something I read in the Bible doesn’t it? Just like the eagle's strength is renewed so is ours. They that wait on and hope in the Lord will renew their strength. And then they will mount up with wings like eagles.
32 times in scripture God speaks about eagles. I see why they are so special now.
Brian Boyd

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