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August Moon

I shot this August moon rising over the park last night.
Brian Boyd

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The bald eagle not only has an impressive size, it also has a remarkable life span. The rigors of living in the wild often take eagles well before their prime- in fact, most eagles die in their first year of life. However, once young eagles pass their first- year milestone, their chance for survival increases dramatically. On the average, eagles live about 15-20 years, with some reaching 30 years of age or more. Captive eagles with a constant food supply and medical care can live much longer, some to almost 50 years.
Here we have the two Lake Waco eagles sitting on a branch with the female behind the male.


We are starting to see more deer in the park the closer we get to deer hunting season.I saw this young buck taking refuge in the park last week.

Brian Boyd